Moyo the elephant was a few days old when he fell behind his herd. He might have perished if not for the kindness of one woman. When the elephant was alone, hungry and frightened, a pack of hyenas approached him.

A fidgety kid. Source: YouTube

In an attempt to escape, the elephant jumped into a deep river and almost drowned - he was rescued by a group of people. From that moment on, Moyo's life changed dramatically.

Little helper. Source: YouTube

He was taken to Wild Is Life Reserve in Zimbabwe, and the founder of the reserve, Roxy Danquerts, became his foster mother.

Wonderful friendship. Source: YouTube

Now they are inseparable, although sometimes Moyo turns the house upside down. But when Moyo is fully grown, Roxy intends to let him go. After all, there's nothing like freedom for an elephant.


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