A two-year-old beagle named Gregory was diagnosed with dirofilariasis, a heartworm disease caused by potentially fatal parasites infesting the animal's heart, lungs, and blood vessels. The shelter where the dog lived could not pay for his treatment. Gregory was waiting to be put to sleep, but just two days before the scheduled "procedure" he found a chance at life!

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Hound Rescue and Sanctuary founders Joe Kirk and his wife Shanley rescued Gregory. They took him to their small shelter, which not only looks for new owners for abandoned animals, but also continues to care for even the most hopeless cats and dogs like Gregory was.

This is the hug that the doggie gave Kirk for being rescued.

Source: @volgiii

"Now Gregory knows he's safe. And we will surely nurse him back to health and give him the love he deserves!"

The beagle was given he treatment he desperately needed. Soon after the pooch made a full recovery, the Kirks adopted him. By the way, the family already had one beagle, so Gregory has found not only loving owners, but also a brother!

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