A German Shepherd named Kaya had been helping her owner Cole Lyle cope with post-traumatic stress disorder since 2014. She would often fly with Lyle around the US. Recently, unfortunately, the doggie was diagnosed with a terminal illness and her owner took his pet on her last flight.

A German Shepherd named Kaya was more than just a companion. She was the loyal service dog of a Marine Corps veteran Cole. Kaya helped the man cope with post-traumatic stress disorder after working in a war zone. When he retired from the Marines in 2014, he was prescribed medication and therapy but nothing seemed to help. However, when he adopted Kaya, everything changed.

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Cole took in Kaya when she was only 10 weeks old. By 2015, the German Shepherd had undergone the necessary training – she knew how to wake her owner when he was having nightmares and prevent his panic attacks.

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If she suspected Cole was upset, she would jump up and kiss him to comfort him. Training the pet cost a fortune and not all veterans can afford a service dog.

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So Cole took part in the launch of the PAWS Veterans Assistance Program, which provides veterans with service dogs if they need them to fight their conditions. He flew with Kaya around the country, attending events and meeting with senators. He was able to push for new regulations on veterans and service dogs.

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Unfortunately, in late 2022, Kaya was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This happened after Cole noticed a strange bump on Kaya's paw. Prior to that, Kaya had flown with Cole over 320 times, including trips to events and meetings. Recently, the dog has made her last flight. The pilot made an announcement that there was a "special passenger" on the flight, telling them about Kaya.

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All the passengers applauded the hero dog.

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"She made me better than who I was and saved my life," Cole said.

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Thank you, Kaya, for your help. You'll never be forgotten.

Watch the emotional announcement below:

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