Soldiers all over the world, leave their families and friends to serve their country. Of course, a long separation can be hard to endure but it makes the reunion even sweeter.

Hannah Forecker, 21, of Cleveland, went to Oklahoma in September 2015 to join the Army for basic training. She grew up on a farm with her family and had two pets she couldn't imagine her life without – her horse Derby and 13-year-old golden retriever Buddy.

"I'd never been this far away from home before," Hannah says. "Training in another state, under stressful conditions, was the hardest thing in my life."

The girl recalled adopting Buddy as a little puppy. Now, because of his age, the dog had developed arthritis and had almost completely lost his hearing.

When the girl came home, their touching reunion was filmed and posted on Hannah's YouTube channel. This footage touched numerous netizens and went viral within days.

Source: YouTube screenshot

"When we opened the front door, the dog ran out to greet me," Hannah says.

Source: YouTube screenshot

"My parents were shocked when they saw Buddy's change. All the days I wasn't at home, he hardly walked at all, and had a hard time raising his head when he was called, but suddenly he became active and happy."

Watch this touching video:


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