Nirvana, a black-and-white Pit Bull mix, never expected to be dumped in the empty lot next to a car wash, but her family had left her there with a blanket and some food. The dog curled up on her makeshift bed trying to keep warm never losing hope that her humans would return. However, they never did.

"She was lying there for two days," said Suzette Hall, founder of Logan's Legacy dog rescue.

Source: The Dodo

Workers at a nearby car wash started taking care of the dog sleeping on the curb and reported her to the animal rescue, where Suzette Hall works.

Source: The Dodo

Suzette arrived immediately at the rescue scene and cautiously approached Nirvana so as not to frighten her. Even though Nirvana was tired, she got up and greeted her rescuer wagging her tail.

Source: The Dodo

Once Nirvana was in the vet hospital, she won everyone's heart. The veterinary team had seen many pets, but they knew Nirvana was special.

"She's sweeter than anything in the world," Suzette says.

Source: The Dodo

Although Nirvana was generally healthy, she suffered from a broken heart, and her veterinary team was determined to fix it. A few days later, Nirvana found a foster home, which helped her forget about her sad past.

Source: The Dodo

Source: The Dodo

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