Passers-by spotted this cat on the street and immediately noticed that there was a handwritten note attached to her collar. When people read it, they were deeply moved.

This homeless cat wandered the streets of Manchester, UK. Passers-by noticed that there was something that looked like a folded note on the cat's collar. Its content made people burst into tears.


This is what was written in the note:

"My name is Lilo (Lee-Low) and I am one. My mummy is sorry and she loves me very much but she can’t keep me anymore. I love treats and soft blankets to make biscuits on. I am an indoor cat too. I love to play and am very independent but I do love a snuggle and to sleep on the end of the bed at night."


It continued: "I am a good girl and my mummy hopes someone will love me more. Please take care of me. PS: I have been with my mummy since birth so I am not used to other people."

On reading the heartbreaking note, a Good Samaritan contacted the local RSPCA shelter. Volunteers quickly arrived at the rescue scene and took Lilo. Soon Lilo found foster parents and her story went viral. After that, she didn’t have to wait long. Permanent owners have been found quickly for the cat!


Now Lilo is happy. She lives in a loving family, and is always surrounded by care and attention. Thank you, kind-hearted people, who saved her!


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