If you love animals, you heart is sure to ache if you find an abandoned dog. Indeed, people should not adopt pets unless they treat them with love and respect.

Unfortunately, the owners of a young German Shepherd named Zuzu were unprepared for such a responsibility.

When Zuzu, now 2, lived with her beloved owner, she couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, the man passed away, and it made Zuzu heartbroken. Her late owner's relatives who were taking care of Zuzu at the time could comfort her no matter how hard they tried. One day, Zuzu just ran away from their backyard.

The dog's owners didn't even try to find her

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A few days later, a Good Samaritan spotted Zuzu on the streets and reported her to the Downey Animal Care Center in California. In the shelter Zuzu was still unhappy. The young dog looked fearful and sad. Moreover, she didn't get along with the other dogs.

But one weekend, Zuzu amazed everyone. On seeing a family visiting the shelter, she started wagging her tail and immediately cheered up. Zuzu was jumping with joy trying to attract attention of the family.

Evidently, Zuzu's former owners were the visitors that day

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Wishing to remain anonymous, the family visited the shelter with the intention of adopting another dog. The patriarch of the family said they did not want to adopt Zuzu a second time because she had been so unhappy at their place. They told the shelter staff that they had let their pet escape.

Source: apost.com

In the end, the family did not adopt another dog. Zuzu's touching story went viral on social media. The Pet Adoption Fund, an animal shelter with a no-kill policy, took in Zuzu. Thanks to the efforts of the shelter that finds permanent homes for abandoned animals, many people got interested in adopting Zuzu.

In the end, it was Mr. and Mrs. Gallo who took Zuzu in. The elderly couple was looking for a companion for their pet Dodger. Mr. Russo Gallo said that he was heartbroken when he learned that Zuzu's previous owners would not take her home.

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Mr. Gallo said he and his wife wanted to make Zuzu happy. Zuzu and Dodger have quickly become best friends and love spending time together.

Source: apost.com

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