Abby, 4, did something very special for her beloved furry companion – she sang her cat a song 'You Are My Sunshine' cradling him in her arms. The touching moment filmed by Abby's mom has moved millions netizens.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Make sure you have plenty of tissues before you watch this touching video, as it will probably make you cry your eyes out. This video is really heartbreaking as the girl is singing 'You Are My Sunshine' to her dying cat.

Abby is only 4 years old, but she has always shared every happy moment of her life with her cat Bailey. This furry companion lived in the girl's family for 14 years, and since Abby was born, they had formed a very close bond.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The two of them loved spending time together reading and singing. Bailey seemed to understand every word of the song Abby was singing for him.

Unfortunately, that song was the last one in Bailey's life. Three hours later, the cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to kidney failure.

Source: YouTube screenshot

When the video was posted on YouTube, it immediately went viral moving thousands of people around the world. The publication has been showered with comments and shared multiple times. 

In an effort to cheer the girls up, dozens of people sent them cards and gifts.

Abby's mom responded to all the cards and comments, thanking the people who took their time to help them at this difficult moment. She said their support meant a lot, and that it was insanely nice to see such love at the time when there was so much negativity around.


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