It's unknown how long this adorable pit bull was staying in the backyard of a Detroit home – it might be days or weeks. The owner of the house was not home, and someone, thinking that the house was abandoned, brought his dog to the backyard and chained him.

When the doggie was found by the homeowner, the poor thing was exhausted and he had almost lost his faith in people. When the man returned from vacation, he was shocked by this find and immediately reported the dog to the local shelter Rebel Dogs Detroit.

Beaker the rescued dog. Source:

A volunteer named Tiffany went to his home to take the dog. All she knew was that there was a chained pit bull waiting for her. As soon as she saw the dog, her heart melted. "A very stern fighting dog" was desperate and timid, hiding behind the garage. Tiffany came closer and started talking to the dog in a loving voice.

As Tiffany got closer, the dog began wagging his tail. He was clearly begging to be petted. When she touched his forehead, he calmed down and froze. The poor animal seemed to be feeling better, because the woman gave him hope.

As soon as the pittie realized he was no longer in danger, he relaxed as if thinking that Tiffany was his new best friend. As soon as the rescuer unchained him, the dog, named Beaker, let the woman give him belly rubs. He even licked Tiffany's hands.

The dog with Tiffany. Source:

Unfortunately, Beaker was not absolutely free. His collar cut deeply into his neck, requiring a surgeon's assistance. There was a long line at the veterinary hospital, and he and Tiffany had to sit in the car under the emergency room doors for five hours. All the while, Tiffany petted him, hugged and soothed him, guarded his sleep, and the pit bull appreciated this gesture of care.

Beaker the rescued dog. Source:

He just wanted to be loved, and his dream has come true. Now Beaker can't stop smiling. After being operated on, he went to a temporary home.

Beaker is now finally happy. Source:

Well, looking at him, you will never guess what this adorable pittie has been through – it seems that there is no happier dog in the whole Detroit. He still has a lot to learn, but he is already ready to move to a forever home where he will be loved and cared for. After all, no one can resist such a sweet smile.


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