Aslan, a one-year-old domestic shorthair mongrel, has an extra pair of ears on his head. His new owner, Swati Komanduri, adopted Aslan after the group she volunteers for, Animal Safe Shelter and Adoptions, rescued the kitten and his siblings from a car repair shop.

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"I got a call that 14 kittens had been rescued from a colony," Komanduri said. "When I went to pick up the kittens, I was told there was a tiny kitten with four ears. I've never seen a four-eared kitten before. I didn't even know about this mutation," Komanduri said. 

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Indeed, this mutation is rare. According to a 1957 study published in the Journal of Heredity, the four-eared gene is a rare recessive gene. If two cats that have the recessive gene but don't show it mate, they have a 50% chance of having four-eared offspring.

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Aslan's unique features have earned him thousands of followers on social media. Despite his physical abnormality and slight problems with digestion, Aslan has no other problems and lives a normal life. "He is a very talkative and social cat," Komanduri noted.

Aslan the cat. Source:

"He loves and demands walks. He insists on trying everything, and if he doesn't get what he wants to eat or treats, he steals it and runs away." The doting owner added that the cat loves to play with the other pets in the house. "I'm so happy to have the privilege of taking care of him," Komanduri said. "He's mine forever."


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