Daphne is a beautiful Boston terrier. She was the youngest in the litter and the smallest of all her siblings. Because of the huge blue eyes and atypical appearance, no one wanted to adopt this beauty.

All her brothers and sisters went to new families and only Daphne stayed with her parents. The breeders did not plan to euthanize her, although such cases are not uncommon. However, they were unprepared for the burden of feeding the unwanted baby for the rest of her life.

Potential owners were put off by her blue eyes. Blue eyes in the dogs of this breed mean an increased risk of developing cataract.

No one wanted to take such a responsibility until Tess Nolan showed up in the lives of Daphne and her owners. The woman decided that Daphne was just the one she had been looking for.

Tess is a vet nurse and Daphne's possible vision problems didn't put her off. She was confident she could handle it, especially since the risk of complications was actually not that high. Tess used to have a French bulldog who died of old age, and at that time she wanted to adopt a new pet.

The Boston Terrier breed turned out to be the perfect choice. Daphne looked like a French bulldog and at the same time looked nothing like Tess' deceased dog. She is one of a kind.

She and Tess were meant for each other. At first, Daphne was shy, but the breeder warned Tess that the terrier might have cognitive problems. The woman was ready to cope with all the difficulties, and gradually the dog got used to the new home.

Now the words to describe Daphne are not "shy and awkward", but "playful and easygoing."

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Once Tess started recording tik-tok videos with Daphne, the dog has become a social media star. People often ask, "What's wrong with this dog?" Tess says, "There's nothing wrong with her, she's just special." It's turned out that the dog was just waiting for the right person.

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