The dog with the beautiful name Rajah was a shy, domestic pet. His owners would let him into the backyard, and the rest of his walks were only on a leash and only far away from the city. Rajah had never walked around the neighborhood alone let alone outside it. But one summer evening Rajah had an unbelievable adventure.

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That day the owners, as usual, let Rajah out into the backyard. He was lying on the grass and playing with butterflies when the neighbors decided to set off fireworks. "Bang!" and the desperately frightened dog jumped over the fence and ran wherever he could see. When Rajah's owners heard the crackle of fireworks and ran to get the dog inside, the backyard was already empty.

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As Mary Lynn Whitaker, Rajah's owner, realized the dog was nowhere to be found, she took to social media and wrote a post asking for help. She attached pictures of her pet and asked anyone who saw him to text her. She shared the post with all of her neighbors and dog-searching organizations. In the meantime, Mary's husband Ryan jumped in his car and set out to look for Rajah.

He was driving around the neighborhood for hours, hoping to spot his beloved dog walking along the roadside. He was very concerned about Rajah. The pooch was only 1.5 years old and had never been outside the house without his owners and a leash. The dog was in terrible danger, anything could have happened to him. But the search was fruitless, so Ryan thought Rajah had been picked up by a neighbor. Hoping that the pooch would be returned the next morning, he drove home.

In the middle of the night, when Rajah had been gone for eight hours, the doorbell rang. Mary and Ryan jumped up and rushed outside. Their pet was standing on the porch, safe and sound, only terribly dirty and covered with thorns. He had such a guilty expression on his face, as if he knew that he would be scolded for running away. But Mary Lynn and Ryan were so happy to see him that they just hugged the dog and took him to the bathroom.

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Rajah spent the night in the master's bedroom. The only thing that remained a mystery was how he had found his way home. The couple assumed that someone who had picked Rajah up had driven him home, dropped him off, rang the doorbell, and quickly left, not wanting to be recognized. But when Mary Lynn and Ryan looked at the CCTV footage, they discovered that the dog had come by himself and rang the bell himself! How he had figured out to do it, and who had taught him, is still unknown.

Source: novochag

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