Wild cats... They are gorgeous. Their lazy grace fascinates, you never want to stop staring at them. But only from a distance. In a zoo, through the bars. Or on the screen. But there are also big cats among pets, and some of them are very similar to wild animals. If you really want to get a big pet, keep in mind that in many breeds the males are much larger than the females, the difference in weight between them can be up to 11-13 lb. Therefore, choose a male cat, he will definitely grow larger.

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It is important to know that big cats are considered grown up only at the age of 3-4 years, so you'll have to raise such a pet for a long time. Here are the top five largest cat breeds.

The Savannah

A hybrid of the African serval and house cat. This is the largest domestic cat, which weighs 33 lb or more with length – about 40 in and height – about 20 in.

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The Savannah is also one of the rarest and most expensive breeds. Savannas, whose blood has a good deal of a domestic cat blood, are not aggressive, they are very sociable and loyal to their owner, that's why they are also called cat-dogs. They can obey commands like dogs, and walk on a leash.

The Chausie

The Abyssinian cat and wild reed cat hybrid were bred in the USA. These cats can stand at 16 inches, and the weight of an adult male can reach 31–33 lb.

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Chausies are very friendly, playful and active, but they are not docile cats at all. An attempt to violate their personal space can be taken as an insult. The Chausie is also loyal to its human and friendly with all family members.

The Maine Coon

These representatives of the native American cat breed also mature late by the age of 3 or 4 years. And by this age, their weight can reach 25–33 lb. Maine Coons have long, strong bodies, a serious face and cute tassels on the ears.

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These cats can't be called wild because the Maine Coon is a typical domestic pet, sanguine, adoring its owner, children and other pets, who live in the apartment. The energetic Coon is a kitten to old age, it will happily play anytime, just call.

The Ragdoll

Fourth on this list are Ragdolls. These are also very large members of the feline family. The Ragdoll cat breed can reach the weight of 25 lb or more. The distinctive feature of these cats is that unlike other cats they can be injured when falling. But they can "melt" in the hands of their owner, like rag dolls, for which, in fact, the breed got its name.

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If you buy such a cat, you should know that ragdolls can't tolerate the absence of their owners and can become depressed, sick, and even die.

The Siberian Cat

Another large cat. The weight of Siberian cats is about 18–25 lb, but there are also larger specimens. Siberian cats are very independent creatures, they will not be bored without their owner.

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A sensible Siberian will always find something to do when left alone. However, this does not mean that these pets are not able to get attached to humans. Just in their genes they still have the memory of the times when they survived on their own.

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