A kitten named Gonzo became a full member of Derek's family about a year ago. The pet soon got used to his new home and gradually began to expand its hunting grounds. Eventually, Derek no longer worried about him during his outdoor walks. He invariably returned to his family. Gonzo, apparently grateful for being taken from the shelter, decided to thank his owners.

When Derek's wife gave a heartbreaking squeal, the man rushing toward her saw a miraculous sight. Gonzo caught a bird and decided to share the trophy with his owner. The cat proudly placed the catch right by the woman's feet.

Gonzo the cat. Source: lemurov.net

Of course, she did not praise the "hero." The bird was alive, albeit injured, it was immediately released.

Clever Gonzo immediately realized that his owners did not like the "live" gifts, and focused on the inanimate. Since then, the cat meticulously chooses gifts for his humans. Almost every day he brings 1 or 2 "surprises", one day there were even 9!

Usually "interesting specimens" from the local garbage can catch his eye – scraps of cardboard, magazine covers, or disposable dishes. But one day he robbed the workers who were repairing the sewers.

Gonzo's gifts. Source: lemurov.net

Derek had a long explanation with the astonished workers and assured them that the culprit of the loss was his cat.

Sometimes Gonzo was so resourceful in choosing the next gift that the owners equipped his collar with a mini camera. Well, now they have the opportunity to watch the pet "on the trail."

Gonzo the cat. Source: lemurov.net

The owners are always touched by how much work their darling puts into choosing the next gift. He meticulously circles the object, sniffs at it, turns it over with his paw and, after a long look, brings it home.

The cat also gives gifts with meaning, he presents them to his owners and waits for praise, so a place of honor in the home is reserved for Gonzo's collection.

Source: lemurov.net

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