The concept of adoptive parents mainly refers to humans in our developed society, but animals can also foster under certain circumstances.

Mikey, a beautiful tabby kitty, had a difficult pregnancy, her kittens were born prematurely and died soon afterwards.

After this tragic loss Mikey was desperate, she was constantly looking and calling for kittens that were no longer there. Unable to see the cat's suffering, Mikey's owner turned to Houston Animal Control, where they checked the databases and found a woman who had recently adopted orphaned kittens.

Mikey the cat with kittens. Source:

The woman was bottle-feeding the kittens, but if there was a live mother cat, why not entrust this mission to her?

It didn't matter that they were not biological kittens, maternal instincts in cats are very strong.

Mikey the cat with kittens. Source:

The next day the kitty was breastfeeding again since her foster kids were so hungry.

Mikey the cat with kittens. Source:

If you don't know, you can't tell that Mikey's kittens are adopted.


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