The life of 8-year-old Robbie before he met his foster parents was full of sadness and humiliation. He had been beaten and abused since birth. Maria and Charles Gaye adopted Robbie three years ago, taking him out of foster care.

The couple always had animals in their home, and recently they have started taking in senior dogs from the shelter, which are rarely of interest to people who want a pet.

This amazing act of kindness really brought the family together. It turned out that the boy was very touched by the kindness and genuine care of his current parents.

Robbie with his mom. Source:

The child understands how lucky he has been to meet Mary and Charles, because most people want to adopt a baby, and adult children hardly have a chance to find loving parents.

When Robbie became a full member of the family, Maria and Charles adopted a senior dog named Buffy. One day she was taken to a vet hospital to have tartar removed and a rotten tooth pulled out.

But the vet said that the anesthesia would kill the animal, and it was clear from the tests that the old dog had irreversible changes in her kidneys.

The vet said that the situation would only worsen in the future and it would be most merciful to help the dog not to suffer.

The heartbroken spouses decided not to hide from their son that they would soon lose Buffy. Mary immediately went to school to pick up the boy. She was touched by how seriously he reacted to the sad news.

Robbie told his mother that he wanted his Buffy to go to the Rainbow without suffering or pain. He knew he wanted to hug his pet in her final moments.

Robbie didn't want to part with Buffy. Source:

The parents were touched by Robbie's request, and they all accompanied the pet on her final journey. Maria shared pictures online of her son touchingly hugging Buffy and told their story. She wrote that despite the traumatic experience, her son was a miracle, he had a big heart and knew how to be compassionate.

Robbie with his doggie. Source:

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Once the boy told Maria that no matter how long he loved someone, the power of love did not depend on it. When the woman asked him to explain his thoughts, Robbie replied that they had only known each other for a few years, but he felt if he were her biological son.

This story went viral last year. Robbie continues to support senior animals, he is a volunteer with a community organization and his example has inspired many people.

Robbie with his dogs. Source:

This story has inspired people to adopt 25 elderly pets from the city shelters.

The young activist hopes that people will become kinder not only to old pets, but also to children and the elderly.

The boy is sure that once he grows up and becomes financially independent, he will definitely welcome adult children into the family. In the meantime, he and his family have taken in six senior dogs.


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