A woman was surprised when she saw a lost pet post on social media about her cat that was sitting quietly on her coach. The woman called the number and found out that smart pet lived at once with two families.

Brandi Schmidt and her cat. Source: trendymen.com

Brandi Schmidt took Ron the cat from the shelter as an adult. She was warned that Ron was headstrong, free-spirited, and needed constant attention.

Ron the cat. Source: trendymen.com

Ron got used to his new home very quickly. He learned to open the cupboards, found the place where cat food was stored, and felt like the owner of the house. Brandi allowed her pet to do anything until she saw a picture of him with the caption "missing."

Ron lived with two families. Source: trendymen.com

"This was something I had not expected. My own cat has been listed as lost, even though he's right in front of me! Apparently, Ron just visits my neighbors while I'm at work," the woman told reporters.

The kitty enjoys double care and meals. Source: trendymen.com

Brandi had to reveal the truth about her smart cat to her neighbors as well. They were not too upset, because Ron will surely continue to visit them.

Source: trendymen.com

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