An interesting story happened in Chicago. A woman had lived in her home all her life, and she had a 16-year-old cat, Nino, her closest friend, the most important creature in the world.

Nino spent 16 years with his owner. Source:

Unfortunately, the woman lost her job and then her home. She could no longer keep the cat and brought the old guy to the shelter with tears in her eyes.

Nino didn't want to part with the elderly woman. Source:

The cat also felt something was wrong, he was very anxious, and then he also started to cry. That day was the last day he saw his owner. The woman said to the volunteers, "I have to surrender him..." She asked them to find good owners for Nino, touching everyone so much that the shelter staff were about to burst out crying.

Of course, they understood that no matter how well-bred, kind, and affectionate the cat was, he was very old. The chances of finding a new family for him were very slim. But, surely, they didn't tell the woman that, because she was heartbroken. And so she was gone forever.

The old cat Nino. Source:

The cat started to live in the shelter. He seemed to have stopped crying, but he was still sad. Jennifer, who worked at the shelter and who was there at the moment Nino was surrendered, could not forget the tearful pleas of the cat's owner.

She returned home, went to bed and thought about the old cat sitting alone in a cage and probably crying with loneliness.

Jennifer made up her mind to help the animal. The following evening Nino went home with her. The cat did not immediately get used to the new home, and he was especially afraid of Jennifer's daughter, since he had never been around kids, but after a while he got used to the girl.

Nino the old cat with his new friend. Source:

First, Jennifer wanted to find a family without kids for Nino, but her daughter persuaded her to let Nino stay with them forever. 


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