Construction workers knew that two cats lived on the site. Animals often find refuge on construction sites. Sometimes they are fed by workers, at other moments they catch wild rodents, snakes. Excellent co-operation!

But cats cannot handle all animals. That's what happened in Samut Prakan, central Thailand. It all started when the construction workers heard a desperate meow from the bushes.

Source: YouTube screenshot

In the thicket, they saw that a python was strangling one of their pets. The snake was determined, and the young cat was already exhausted and could hardly fight back. The people immediately came to his rescue.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The python opened its mouth and wanted to attack the uninvited guests, but the numerous blows with a stick forced the 10ft-long reptile to change plans. The cat remained lying on the dried leaves.

As the builders later said, "we saw in his eyes that he was alive".

Source: YouTube screenshot

The cat was really scared. One of the workers helped the cat to come around.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Still the animal needed some time to get over the experienced attack. Then the cat was given some fish and immediately went to look for his striped friend.

Apparently, he simply did not have the strength to thank the builders.

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