It was very cold in New Jersey on Christmas Day. Despite extremely cold temperatures outside, the Neptune Police Department spotted Coco, a senior Rottweiler, chained to the railing of concrete steps on Fisher Avenue on the morning of December 28.

After leaving their cold house, the couple left their 10-year-old dog named Coco outside on the concrete porch without food, water, or shelter.

Source: Monmouth County SPCA

Police reported the poor thing to the local humane society, and the dog was rescued.

According to Monmouth County SPCA officials, Coco was extremely confused and very happy when animal control officers came to pick her up. When she was taken to the shelter, she kept licking everyone's face as if thanking her rescuers for taking her to the safe place.

Source: Monmouth County SPCA

For the first time in a few days Coco was fed and given a warm place to sleep in.

Later, blood tests have showed she might have kidney stones and a genetic eye disease that affected her visio. According to vets, Coco's health issues might be the result of careless breeding.

The Monmouth County SPCA described Coco as "gentle, loyal and loving."

Source: Monmouth County SPCA

The dog's former owners will be charged with animal abuse and failure to provide necessary care.

"Coco's owners made no attempt to help her and showed no remorse," the Monmouth County SPCA said.


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