Let's start with the main thing: if you have a budgie or a serious bird like a cockatoo, hide all your valuables in places inaccessible to them. Even a child's rhinestone hairpin can cause serious trouble. Your bird will definitely be interested in the sparkling stones and metal, and then it's a matter of technique. At least, a parrot can seriously injure its beak and nostrils, trying to pick shiny things.

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And, as this story has showed, just hiding the jewelry in the box is not sufficient. An old lady had a parrot – a rare clever boy. And the lady also had a diamond necklace, which she valued only slightly less than her pet parrot named Frosty. And one day the lady almost lost her two most important treasures at once.

She noticed in time that Frosty became sad, and got concerned about his health. The parrot became lethargic, would not run or communicate with the mirror, he did not want to leave the cage and spent all his time ruffled up in a dark corner. The bird would not eat and would only drink. Then the lady decided that Frosty needed professional help and took him to the vet. She feared the worst, and, as it turned out, not in vain.

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It is not easy to work with birds, but the vet was experienced, and he immediately placed the bird in the x-ray machine. He found a strange cluster of small stones of regular shape, similar to beads in Frosty's stomach. The parrot had to be saved immediately. He was sedated and sent to the operating table. The surgery went well: the bird was sedated, cut open, the unwanted things were extracted and Frosty was stitched back up. The bird is now on the mend.

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And the old lady got 21 diamonds of 0.2 carat each back, so she could take them to a jeweler to put them back into her necklace. If, of course, she wants to wear it again after this story. And we're sure that from now on she'll lock the jewelry box with a key, which the parrot won't be able to open or break. And Frosty will have his own parrot toys, shiny and safe.

Have you ever had a parrot?

Source: novochag.com

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