This senior dog was seen eating scraps out of a garbage can. It was impossible to look at her without pity. The locals were heartbroken and couldn't pass by.

This dog was spotted on the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana. At the time, the pooch looked emaciated and sad. She was thin, sickly looking, hungry, scavenging for scraps in the garbage to survive. Fortunately, she was reported to the local shelter, whose staff was happy to take her in. However, they were a little bit shocked by the animal's condition.

Source: Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

According to the shelter staff, the dog is rather elderly – about 10 to 12 years old. The poor thing was suffering from an ear and skin infection, and she also had one broken leg. At the shelter Abby, this is how the dog was named, was given the necessary treatment. Abby was bathed every day with special cleansers, given lots of love, which is the main remedy. Abby was very grateful for this.

Source: Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

A little later, Abby was operated on, and she got over it. As time passed, she was on the mend, so did her appearance.

Source: Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Soon the dog was unrecognizable in comparison to the desperate creature she had been at the beginning of her journey. Now Abby is an adorable little girl who really loves life. Her rescuers can't believe the transformation she has made and love this sweet creature with all their hearts.

Source: Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Abby has yet to complete one course of treatment, but when she does, permanent owners will be found for her. Let's wish this beautiful girl a wonderful home!

Source: Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana


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