The spouses Andrew and Lucy made one dog happy by taking her from a shelter in 2019. Six months earlier, the little one had been terribly abused by her former owners. They tied the dog in the middle of a busy street to a pole and left her. That is how the dog ended up in a shelter and then in a new family.


The couple named their new pet Tyra. Like her owners the easygoing girl has become an avid traveler. The trio toured all secluded corners of the vast States. And then they got bored and decided to take another dog from the same shelter. Thus Albert, formerly known as Jack, came into their lives. The boy's past was even sadder. He was also found tied up, only in the woods, not in a public place, and to make matters worse, the dog was wearing a muzzle. The poor fellow with the matted fur was betrayed so cruelly.


It seemed that the dog had no chance, but he was lucky. A Good Samaritan walking nearby heard the whimpering of the poor animal. Albert spent about a year in a shelter, until he was taken in by Andrew and Lucy. Now Tyra has a friend and travel partner.

Although Albert has some vision issues, he is still loved and cared for.


The dogs are complete opposites to each other. The girl is independent and does not like much affection, while Albert is a gentle giant who loves to be given belly rubs and cuddles. Despite such different characters, the pets have been able to become close friends. The dogs behave perfectly well in the apartment and do not get into trouble, because they spend a lot of time outdoors.

That is how the couple rescued two wonderful dogs and brought even more joy into their lives.


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