This wonderful story started when the volunteers with a local humane society were reported a household with 50 dogs and 10 cats that lived in terrible conditions. The owners couldn't cope with so many pets, and some of the animals were hungry and sick. Joanne, a volunteer, went to the house on the same day and was horrified by the conditions in which the animals and their owners lived.

Among the 50 dogs there, there was one who really caught Joanne's eye – the sweet mother dog named Pepper. Most of the dogs and cats were taken to the local shelters so that they could find a cozy home and owners who would take care of them. Pepper had puppies who were quickly adopted by loving people, but nobody wanted to take her in. So Joanne decided to keep the sweet mom.

Soon afterwards, Joanne brought home two homeless puppies who needed care. Then a real miracle happened: Pepper accepted the puppies as her own children and even started nursing them.

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A couple of days later, another 5 puppies were brought in, which Pepper also started nursing. Along with these puppies a little kitten was brought and it also started suckling Pepper's milk in addition to the puppies.

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Pepper was not tired of taking care of the little ones, and was giving everyone her attention and care, nursing them, grooming, and never leaving their side.

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Joanne is fond of Pepper and is very grateful to the fate that they've once met.

Source: pulse.mail

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