There is no sadder sight than miserable stray dogs. Once faithful man's friends, who loved and trusted their owner, they have been cruelly betrayed. Some of the strays are trying to survive on their own, some are huddling together in packs, but one way or another they are dying from starvation, infections, and human hands.

Such a stray dog was found by police at a Los Angeles garbage dump. The pit bull was emaciated, very weak, and couldn't even get up. His bones were visible from under his skin and, frankly, the cops didn't even know what to do. But after thinking about the Animal Welfare Act, they decided that the pit bull had a chance at life. They took the animal to a shelter. The dog must have done something that upset his owner, who threw the pooch out on the street so mercilessly.

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The dog was immediately taken to the vet for a checkup. Although the pittie was not young and was suffering from arthritis, no other diseases were found. The pooch was given a bath, fed, and treated. At first, the pit bull would not eat and was very distrustful of people, but he did not show any aggression.

A month later, the dog gained weight and became a white dog with a heart-shaped spot on his right side. In addition, the pet had a heart of gold, he never once barked, behaved in a friendly way and even helped the volunteers, bringing things or looking after other pets. That's why the dog was named Golden Heart for his good nature.

As time passed, the dog got used to the new environment, more and more often greeting visitors with loud barking, trying to play with them. From an emaciated stray, he turned into a gorgeous, beautiful doggie. He often needed rest because of his condition, but in general there was no kinder animal in the shelter.

Source: pulse.mail

Soon an elderly man came to the shelter and his eye was caught by the dog, who greeted and escorted him to the volunteers. Later, the dog brought a tennis ball and offered to play, and the man's heart melted. He decided to adopt the pit bull. So Golden Heart has acquired a new home and a loving owner. According to statistics, senior animals are less likely to find a home, but this dog was really lucky.

Now the dog has a purpose in life. A large yard where he can play as much as he wants and bark to his heart's content, and a cozy soft bed, delicious food, and toys waiting at home. The elderly man loves his new family member, and Golden Heart is loyal and ready to help.

Source: pulse.mail

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