This Golden Retriever puppy and his little owner have grown up together. They are already inseparable and their bond only gets stronger day after day.

Charlotte Crouch is the owner of Bonnie, a 5-month-old Golden Retriever, and the mother of little Dorothy. The girl and the puppy are inseparable and love to play together. Dorothy follows the rules such as gentle petting and not interfering with the dog when Bonnie is eating. Under close supervision, the 2 little ones spend a lot of time playing together.

When playing on the slide, Bonnie helps Dorothy climb the stairs

Charlotte shared an adorable video in which her daughter and her dog are seen playing on the slide. She captioned it "the bond they share". Indeed, the images prove how much the little ones are bonded.

First, the Golden Retriever is seen climbing the stairs with ease. Then, at the top, she turns around and sees that her sister is in trouble. Without hesitation, she comes to her rescue. She goes a few steps down, letting Dorothy lean on her, then encourages her to climb.

The dog then lets her sister go down the slide first. And once she's out of the way, Bonnie goes down the slide in turn, very excited.

Then the girl and the dog roll in the grass and cuddle. Their friendship is a pleasure to look at.

Watch this touching moment in the video below:


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"Bonnie follows Dorothy everywhere, mainly because Dorothy is a walking eating machine, as toddlers are," Charlotte laughs. "They love to run in puddles together and play on the slide."

Bonnie is only 5 months old, but she is already Dorothy's best friend. As the years go by, their bond will only grow stronger, and they won't be able to live without each other. This strong friendship they can always count on.


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