One day, newlyweds Mariesa and Chris visited a Cuyahoga County kennel. As soon as the couple stepped inside, one special dog caught their eye, and they really wanted to take her in. The doggie named Storie was heavily pregnant...

Mariesa wanted to help Storie. "Let's save the dog, since fate brought us here. We have to help her, Chris," she appealed to her husband.

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The dog was pregnant with 12 puppies and the couple knew the shelter was not the best place to give birth. After some thought, kind-hearted people took her in.

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"A shelter is not the best place for newborn puppies. It's stressful for both the mother and her babies," Chris explains.

The couple bought a bed and everything necessary for Storie to give birth to her huge litter.

The dog went into labor that same night. The labor lasted a full 18 hours. As a result, all the 12 puppies were born perfectly healthy.

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The couple planned to keep two of the puppies and find new owners for the rest.

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After a while, all the babies were welcomed into new loving families, and the mother found a new owner, which was Chris' best friend.

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