Marjory is almost one hundred years old, and yet her love for dogs is unconditional. The elderly lady even decided to adopt a 17-year-old Jack Russell after she her pet had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Source: Dog Trust Darlington

Following the death of her faithful dog, Marjory, a 96-year-old lady from Durham, UK, felt a big emptiness in her heart. She started browsing websites of local shelters with the intention of adopting a new furry companion. When she came across Jack, a 17-year-old dog, she knew she could give him lots of love.

The 96-year-old Englishwoman had hardly ever lived without her canine companions: "I've had dogs most of my life," she said. And the days were very sad without pets. That's why she wanted to fill this gap.

Source: Dog Trust Darlington

Perfect companion

"On the Dog Trust website, she came across a profile of a Jack Russell Terrier named Jack. When I found out how old Jack was, it made me want to give him a home even more, because I couldn't bear the thought of him spending the rest of his life in a shelter."

Thus, Marjory adopted Jack. She has never regretted her choice, as he fills her with happiness: "Jack makes me so happy and seeing him happy is fantastic". Moreover, the "very calm" temperament of the dog is a perfect match for her.

Source: Dog Trust Darlington

A message for people wanting to adopt a dog

Marjory wanted to share her story with the public in order to raise awareness of future adopters. According to the Dog Trust organization, half of their visitors are looking for an animal of 6 months of age, maximum. Only 5% of adopters would come for a dog that is 8 years or older.

This makes Marjory sad, and she "encourages anyone interested in adopting a dog to consider senior dogs." They usually have great personalities, and tend to adapt easily to a new environment.

Source: Dog Trust Darlington

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Of course, senior animals are quieter than younger ones. Nevertheless, Dog Trust said that they remain playful and motivated during walks. Finally, the association concluded that they have a lot to offer families: "Helping an older dog enjoy his old age and giving him the chance to live his best life is incredibly rewarding."


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