"For some reason, animals are drawn to me," Michael Cardenas of Georgia says. "I've rescued squirrels, foxes, rabbits, deer, you name it, but this one was really unique."

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Although Michael works as an intelligence officer, his neighbors call him "Dr. Doolittle," associating him with the main character of a children's fairy tale, who could understand the language of animals and treated them. Usually Michael releases the animals after recovery into the wild and never sees them again. But this was not the case with Buzz the hummingbird.

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Michael found Buzz outside his house. "He had an injured wing," Michael recalls. "Maybe he hit a window pane or something else happened. He was moving in a circle against the wall. These birds have transparent wings. A few of the feathers were broken. That's why he couldn't fly," the man added.

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Michael decided to take the bird in. He would feed the hummingbird sugar syrup and kept it in the house. After eight weeks, Buzz made a full recovery. The man released the bird into the wild. "He flew around the yard and came back. Then he flew away for the winter."

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Hummingbirds fly off to Central America or Mexico. Michael thought he would never see Buzz again. But the following spring, he returned. Buzz returned to Michael four years in a row. The hummingbirds look alike, but Michael is sure it was Buzz who visits him, because the occasional hummingbird wouldn't land on his hand.

Source: ntdtv

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