A Reddit user under the nickname Doudouisaswesome has two dogs and an orange tabby cat named Azmael, whom her husband found injured after an accident last fall. "We rescued the kitten. The dogs helped us raise him. Now the cat thinks he's a dog, and it's just adorable," the cat's owner says.

Angry cat. Source: pets.mail

As soon as the kitty came into the family, the two dogs, Liam, a Swiss Shepherd, and Nimueh, an Old German Shepherd, took the baby under his wing. And then Azmael started acting like his foster parents: "He actually protects them from the other dogs on our walks... It's so weird."

The cat and his dogs. Source: pets.mai

The kitten has an angry face that is just adorable: "It's his normal expression, he has a bitchy facial expression even when he's calm. But we like him anyway," Azmael's owner says.

Sweet dreams. Source: pets.mail

"He couldn't walk when he was little because of injuries. But now we're very glad we kept him, though he's so weird and can't run normally. Anyway, he has a nice comfortable life now."

Source: pets.mail

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