A little dog named Tim recently lost his best friend Ben, the dog he had been living with for the past few years. The owners noticed that the dog understands and feels everything. But he soon had one outlet that helped him cope with the loss.

Tim is trying to get over the loss of his friend

The Chihuahua named Tim and his "big brother," a Pyrenean mountain dog named Ben, have always been together. Back in 2016, the family picked up the little Chihuahua for rehoming when they already had Ben. The two dogs quickly became friends despite their size and age differences. They spent most of their time together. Most of all, Tim liked to sleep on his big, soft brother.

Tim and Ben are resting together

The owners have always loved watching their two pets interact - it couldn't help but bring a smile to their faces. Unfortunately, over the years, 13-year-old Ben had developed problems with his health and especially his mobility. Tim sensed something was wrong with his brother and gave him more personal space, but he never left him or went far away

Tim sensed something was wrong with Ben and tried to adjust to it

Sadly, Ben left this world in December 2022. It was a painful event for the whole family, as well as for the thousands of online users who were subscribed to the doggie account. Many immediately imagined how difficult it would be for Tim to go through the loss of his best friend. One subscriber decided to send the doggie a gift.

Tim and his big brother

The woman sent Tim a large plush dog toy. According to the owner, as soon as she put the toy on the couch, the dog came right away and lay down on it. He curled up into a ball and fell soundly asleep, just as he once did next to Ben. So Tim started sleeping on the plush "Ben" every day, which really touched the owners: it was obvious how much he missed Ben.

Tim now sleeps on a plush Ben every day

"It really looked like the good old days when I would walk into the living room and see Tim sleeping lying down on Ben. He even slept in exactly the same position as when they slept together. I can see that this toy is helping him cope with his loss," said the owner.

A toy donated by a subscriber helps Tim cope with his loss

The friendship between Tim and Ben is so strong that it will always be unbreakable. This is a prime example of how strongly animals can bond.

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