Jazmin Felder once heard strange noises coming from the street. It turned out to be the meowing of a cat that had climbed high up a tree and was afraid to come down. The boy did not let the poor thing pass him by. He rescued the animal and then decided to take it home with him forever, despite the fact that he already had four cats at the time.

At first Buddy felt like a stranger in his new home

The cat, nicknamed Buddy, turned out to be wonderful. He did not spoil anything, was quickly accustomed to the litter box and did not bother anyone. However, there was another problem: the pet did not trust anyone and did not communicate with anyone. While the other cats were having fun and playing with each other, he was always sitting alone, huddled in a corner. The owner did not know what he could do to make the "newcomer" finally settle down in the family.

The problem was solved six months later, when another cat appeared in the house of a young man - the beautiful Hannah. With her arrival Buddy's life completely changed. The mischievous cat was often mischievous and pestered the other four-legged family members with games. But it was the quiet Buddy who attracted her the most, and to whom she expended most of her energy.

Buddy is settling into his new family when Hannah shows up

Eventually Buddy became interested in Hannah in return and began to pay attention to her. He approached her himself to sniff her and get to know her. From that moment an unusual bond developed between the animals. The pair is almost always inseparable: they play together, sleep together and even wash each other.

Now Felder is incredibly happy that Hannah helped Buddy to open up and live a full life. The withdrawn and distrustful cat has become friendly and affectionate both to his owner and to the other animals in the house. However, the cat's most favorite girlfriend still remains Hannah.

Source: mimimetr.me

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