A single kiss from Yogi the Corgi on the 2-day-old ducklings was enough to create an unbreakable bond between them.

Frances Marsh is the proud owner of Yogi, a 5-year-old Corgi and dad to two adorale ducklings. They all live together in North Carolina, where Frances' family owns Marsh’s Surf Shop in Atlantic Beach. It all started when Frances bought 2 baby ducks at a garden center. They were only 2 days old at the time, and the first living being they were introduced to was Yogi. Since that day, they think he's their daddy.

Yogi went with his owner to the garden center

Yogi was in the car when his owner came back from the garden center with a strange box that she put next to him. The curious dog got immediately interested in the newcomers, who were named Biggie and Pac.

Source: dogheirs.com

"They were in a little box. He just bent his head and licked them," Frances recounted, according to Dogheirs. Since then, the ducklings have considered him their father. Moreover, Yogi thinks they are his babies, too.

The ducklings learn from their daddy all the time

Once they got home, the ducklings started following Yogi. They followed him everywhere, just as they would have done with a mother duck.

When the dog went for a swim, they were eager to follow him.

Source: dogheirs.com

As for the Corgi, he is very protective of his "kids." He always sleeps next to the ducklings keeping them warm just like their mom would do. One day, he even barked to warn his owner that one of the ducklings had been knocked over on its back.

Having grown up, the ducks still love Yogi

Although the ducks are adults now, their bond with Yogi is as strong as ever. Moreover, they do not hesitate to follow him to have a swim. Such an incredible and very touching relationship! Frances says that "the trio is inseparable."

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Source: dogheirs.com

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