When an adorable dog named Queen was 3 years old, she ended up in a shelter. The doggie had to spend 400 days in a noisy dog kennel before she found a forever home.

Despite Queen's sweet and easygoing nature, she had to live in the Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Kansas for over a year. Fortunately, one day Scott Poore, a dog person and volunteer, came to her rescue.

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Poore has founded Mission Driven, the organization whose aim is to help animal shelters. When he heard of how Queen was miserable in the kennel, he couldn't stand by. According to Scott, Queen is "the most affectionate lovable dog" he has ever worked with. So he came up with an unusual way to draw attention to the beautiful pittie.

One day he took his belongings and some bedding and publicly moved to the Great Plains SPCA to live with Queen. In such a way he wanted to raise awareness of people of how desperately Queen needed a forever home. He was determined to stay with Queen until she found a loving family.

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"I honestly did not know if I was going to be there 24 hours or a month but I was prepared to do either," Scott recalls. "Seven nights in an animal shelter is quite a long time I have to admit."

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Of course, a dog shelter is not the best place to spend a night in, and Scott admitted that while staying there, he barely slept. Fortunately, his efforts paid off.

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Soon afterwards a family from the Kansas City area spotted Queen's story on social media and decided to step in.

"I just want to thank them for opening up their home and their hearts for such an incredible dog who deserves a long life in a loving home," Scott said. "I had the pleasure of meeting the father and the son and it’s going to be a perfect home for them and for Queen. It’s a win-win for both sides."

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When asked why Scott didn't adopt the dog himself, he says that as a volunteer helping animals in need, he can't adopt every dog he helps. After Queen found her new home, Scott moved on to another dog who desperately needed help.

"What helps me get through the emotional side of my work is I move very quickly to the next animal [who] needs my help," Scott says.

In the video below Queen finally leaves the shelter where she was so depressed. Watch this touching moment:

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