A two-year-old beagle named Ronnie was so frightened by the fireworks that he ran out of his owner's garden. A family member managed to spot the moment of escape, so a search for the pet started immediately.

"Ronnie isn't usually afraid of fireworks, but there was a particularly loud explosion and my partner saw the dog leap over the garden gate, even though it was very high," says Jo Wackwett, the beagle's owner.

Wackwett immediately posted on social media about her missing pet. The same day, she was contacted by a train driver who said that a dog matching her description had been hit by his train.

Ronnie is now being taken care of by vets to make sure he recovers as quickly as possible. Source: SWNS

"Since there was no further response about Ronnie's location, we assumed the worst and told our daughter he was never coming home. We were heartbroken," Joe recalls.

But 10 days later, Jo received a call from a friend with good news – they spotted Ronnie limping home in a nearby park. In an instant, Wackwett went to pick up her pet.

The poor pup's leg was broken by the train. Source: SWNS

"I sat down on the ground to cuddle him and it was like it lasted forever. Ronnie was skinny, dirty, his paw was broken, but he was alive and that was all that mattered," the owner says.

Source: metro.co.uk

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