Many cats have become famous thanks to social media. And where there's fame, there's usually wealth, that's the way the modern world works. Some of the cats have become rich due to their unusual appearance, some have won hearts by their behavior, and some were lucky to have a rich owner.

Choupette the cat belongs to the last category. This cat was owned by a very rich and famous person, the legendary Karl Lagerfeld who was even dubbed "the king of fashion." The German-born fashion designer lived and worked mainly in France, cooperated with many global brands and, of course, was very well off.

Source: YouTube screenshot

And then, one day, purely by chance, a wonderful blue-eyed cat of Burmese breed appeared in Lagerfeld's life. Although Lagerfeld never told where and how he got the kitty, it was a friendship for life. The fashion designer considered Choupette his muse, his inspiration, thanks to which he created his unique masterpieces.

Karl Lagerfeld. Source: YouTube screenshot

The cat has accounts in all the major social media, where there are a lot of photos, videos, and tens and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The kitty even had her own bank account. If someone thinks that Choupette was busy only posing for photo shoots, it's not true, she really helped her owner in advertising, and this, you know, is also a job, and not an easy job. So Choupette and Lagerfeld advertised not only clothes, but also, for example, Opel cars, cosmetics and many other things.

Choupette in an Opel campaign. Source: pulse.mail

The cat was rich during the lifetime of her owner, but on February 19, 2019, Karl Lagerfeld passed away. The man left his beloved pet $300 million, which is being spent on her care. Such a huge amount makes the cat one of the richest pets in the world. And this despite the fact that she has long had her own private jet and two maids.

Choupette has her own private jet. Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: pulse.mail

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