A couple of years ago, 23-year-old British girl Meggy Johnson rescued baby pigeon chicks from the street, and now they are her favorite and extremely spoiled pets. The girl from the Lincolnshire region owns a pet store, and is very fond of animals and birds. Her pigeons Sky and Moose are bathed in love and luxury every day.

Photo from personal archive. Source: petpop.com

The girl rescued the orphaned chicks when they were left alone to their fate. She took them with her, fed them hourly from a dropper, and devoted all her time to them. The chicks grew up healthy and are now adult pigeons. They have their own collection of clothes, toys, and they are even taken out for walks in a special stroller.

Daily walks. Source: petpop.com

Meggy admits she spends about £400 a month on the pigeons and doesn't spare a penny on them. They are like children to her, and she is always ready to take care of them. Her love for pigeons began a few years ago, when she picked up an orphaned pigeon chick and raised it.

A caring lover of nature. Source: petpop.com

Meggy wants to show everyone that pigeons are not the nasty, annoying birds that many people think they are. They are intelligent and charming creatures, she says.

Impressive wardrobe. Source: petpop.com

Source: petpop.com

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