How do you imagine a shark's visit to a crowded beach? Screaming, terror, inability to escape? That's exactly what happened, but only the shark was nervous.

One day an unusual guest came to the beach. A shark swam into the crowd of beachgoers. Children, ladies in hats and men were splashing in the shallow water when it appeared and caused a turmoil. However, it wasn't like in horror movies. The tourists turned the visit of the predator into a real show.

A shark. Source: Unsplash

Men caught the shark by its fins, stroked it, squeezed it, and gave it to the kids. The kids were pulling the predator's tail. The children squealed and squeaked, but it seemed more with delight than fear. The shark encounter went well but definitely not for the shark. The poor fish was so dumbfounded by such treatment that it didn't even try to break free, to escape, to save itself. Nor did it try to attack.

The point was that it was a very small shark, spiny dogfish aka mud shark, an inhabitant of the Black Sea waters. This representative of a vulnerable species rarely grows more than 5 ft in length. And, although the spiny dogfish has very sharp teeth, like any other shark, it is not used to attack large prey. It feeds on fish, shrimp, squid and even algae and often becomes the prey of larger predators and humans.

A spiny dogfish. Source: wikimedia

In Germany, for example, the spiky dogfish is caught on purpose for a delicacy called "Schiller curls". Black Sea fishermen most often catch the mud shark by chance when it gets caught in a net with other fish and throw it into the sea. The main danger from this shark is not that it can bite you, but that it can injure you with its spikes. The spiky dogfish has barbed spines near the fins. These spines release a weak poison, so tourists were lucky enough not to be hurt.

Dogfish fillets. Source:

Having played enough, the tourists let the shark free and it immediately went to the depths. A video of this unusual encounter immediately went viral. But most people condemned the "courageous" tourists, who had turned the capture of the dogfish into a show. According to these netizens, they treated the rare animal cruelly and set a bad example for children.

A spiny dogfish. Source:

Do you think the tourists did the right thing when they caught the mud shark? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments section!

Source: novochag

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