When Kristen Lee started fostering rescue puppies, she was concerned about the reaction of her dog Remy. But when she introduced him to the first puppy, all her worries instantly vanished...

Three years ago, Kristen fell in love with a shelter dog named Remy. This charming gentleman immediately won her heart, and she realized they were meant for each other. So Remy found a home, and Kristen got a beloved pet. True, Remy thought he would be the only pet, but it didn't turn out that way.

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When Kristen moved into a bigger house, she started fostering puppies through PJ’s Rescue. She took care of the little ones while they were looking for permanent homes. While caring for the first puppy, Kristen was very cautious and slowly introduced the puppy to Remy...

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But when Remy saw the pup, he wasn't scared or jealous. He felt that the baby needed love, and his paternal instincts kicked in – Remy started taking care of the puppy, and spending a lot of time with the little one. As the months passed, Kristen took in more puppies, and Remy continued to take care of them like a big brother.

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According to Kristen, the puppies instantly fell in love with their "big brother." Remy sets a good example to them. "The puppies tend to pick up a lot of Remi’s habits. Things like potty training and the weird way he sits. Every foster we've had ends up sitting like him, with their legs poking out to the side," Kristen shares.

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Although Remy is much larger in size, he is always gentle and cautious with the babies, and is especially careful when playing with them. Lee is happy that her dog has been such a caring nanny for the pups. "Without him it would certainly be more difficult for me to foster the pups. He is such a great role model for them," Kristen says.

Source: petpop.cc

Source: petpop.cc

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