Winnie is a young poodle who likes to make friends with everyone she meets. The doggie is used to making new friends during her walks, but one day she saw someone who really captivated her.

Winnie comes to Chips' window to kiss him. Source: The Dodo

That day she saw a silhouette with two ears and a wagging tail in the neighbor's window. Winnie came up to it and ended up face to face with her new best friend. His name was Chips, and Winnie was instantly smitten with him.

Sweet kisses. Source: The Dodo

This is how they have met:

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Since then Winnie has started any walk with a visit to Chips. The faithful dog would sit outside and eagerly wait for her new companion.

Waithing for her sweetheart. Source: The Dodo

"Now that's the first thing she does when she goes outside. Winnie runs to the window to see if Chips is home. She gets a little sad when he doesn't come to greet her. If Winnie hears Chips going for a walk, she always runs to the front door to say hello to him," says Sarah Madden, Winnie's owner.

Longing for his girlfriend. Source: The Dodo

One day Winnie came home from a walk and found a Valentine's Day gift. It was a toy with a sweet note from her new best friend.

A Valentine's Day card. Source: The Dodo

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"Winnie's reaction was priceless," Madden recalls. "We knew we had to send a little gift in return."

Winnie's owner picked out a toy for Chips and handed over a nice note from Winnie describing in detail her feelings to Chips. Finally, Winnie asked her Romeo out on a date. Soon the reply came – the neighbor's dog said yes!

The dog owners arranged a date for their pets. Source: The Dodo

"Before, Winnie had only seen Chips through the window, so when they finally started walking together, she was a little nervous," Madden says. "But it didn't take her long to relax and become happy around her new friend."

Finally together. Source: The Dodo

Watch the sweetest video of their first date:

Part 2: Chips and Winnie’s first date #doglife #dogsoftiktok #doglover #dog

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The first date took place in the park, but the dog owners are already planning a second walk together. Most likely, next time Winnie and Chips will enjoy each other's company at the beach.

Source: The Dodo

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