Recently, a Good Samaritan has spotted a senior cat wandering the streets of Purton, UK, and reported it to a humane society. When the volunteers arrived at the rescue scene, they quickly realized the gravity of the situation. The cat was in a very bad shape, but luckily, they were determined to save him and give him a chance at a better life.

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"Scott and I have fostered over 100 cats during the last year, but this guy was by far in the worst condition we've ever seen," said Emma Turner, one of the volunteers with Cats Assistance Trapping Service (CATS).

However, to capture the kitty wasn't easy. It took Turner and her colleague Scott Salmon several days and a cat trap to bring Speckle to safety.

An alarming state of health

After Speckle was finally in a safe place, the caretakers noticed that he was suffering from several serious conditions. They took him to the vet, and indeed, the list of diseases was rather long: respiratory tract infection, sore eyelid, eye ulcer and even kidney disease. Also, the poor guy had his back covered with mats.

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If, at first sight, Speckle looked like a stray, everyone was surprised to find out that he was microchipped and neutered. The vet tried to contact his owners, but to no avail. The volunteers then took care of him.

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A senior cat gets the love and care he so much deserves

For several months Speckle has been under vet supervision. He's been receiving several treatments, funded partially by donations. Despite his condition, CATS staff says he is "adorable and very friendly." So much so that he has won one woman's heart.

"Speckle is currently with Sue Clinton, who really does her best to help the cat. We can't thank her enough," CATS staff member says.

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Although he still needs treatment, Speckle can enjoy being with his caring human. The pain he endured has given way to happiness.


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