Everyone is born to have a mission in life. Meet this sweet girl, her name is Valerie. Although she is only 15 and she is a school student, she has already saved several hundred innocent lives.

Kindred spirits. Source: mimimetr.me

It all started not so long ago. One day Valerie spotted a stray sick puppy on the street. She took the foundling home, treated it and nursed it back to health. According to the girl, this incident changed her whole life, including her outlook. She suddenly understood that she just could not pass by a living creature in need of help. Since then, Valerie has helped one hundred dogs.

Sweet kisses. Source: mimimetr.me

In her schoolbag, along with her pens and notebooks, she always has a collar and leash. This is just in case, all of a sudden, she sees an animal that needs help. Valerie takes these dogs home, treats and feeds them, and then searches on social media for new families for these animals.

Beautiful babies. Source: mimimetr.me

The girl's mother confesses that she is never bored at home now. Their humble apartment is now full of animals rescued by Valerie. And though this causes some very natural and expected inconveniences, the girl's mother is happy that her daughter has grown up so sensitive and sympathetic.

Valerie says that once she picked up a puppy in the street and named it Lola. That's when it all started. Two weeks later she Lola went to her forever home. Since then Valerie has rescued over one hundred dogs! Now they all live with their new loving families.

So many dogs to look after. Source: mimimetr.me

Every morning is a challenge for Valerie. She gets up early and prepares food for the whole gang of dogs. Then she takes the pets for a walk and cleans the apartment to avoid the unpleasant smell and other problems associated with too many animals. In the future Valerie plans to go to college to become a veterinarian so she can help pets more professionally. We only wish good luck to this kind-hearted and caring girl!

Source: mimimetr.me

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