Lulu has had a hard start in life. She lived in a house with dozens of other cats in horrible conditions. The owner had become overwhelmed by the numerous litters of her unspayed cats, and was no longer able to take care of them. So the cats were reported to a local humane society, and Lulu was taken in by the Orphans of the Storm shelter in Illinois.

Lulu the cat. Source: The Dodo

Lulu learns to trust people in her foster home

Quite soon, Lulu found a foster home with Jennifer Burke's family. However, having had very little contact with humans and the outside world, everything scared her.

"So we are taking our time with her to properly socialize her and show her that humans can be kind and loving...," Jennifer said.

The cat has already made a great progress. She now lets herself be petted and even brushed. But she is still very shy.

A big friend

Only a few weeks after Lulu's arrival, a wild deer approached their house. This happens quite regularly, but instead of passing by, this deer spotted the cat behind a window.

Lulu the cat and the deer. Source: The Dodo

Lulu was sitting on her cat tree and had a great view of the wild animal. Both of them kept looking into each other's eyes for a long time, and a special bond beetween them has been created.

Lulu the cat and the deer. Source: The Dodo

Following this first contact, the deer, apparently intrigued by the cat, would come back every day or even several times a day. At the beginning, the two animals were a little distrustful and distant, but as their meetings went on, they got closer to each other. Now it is the window glass that still separates them, but neither Lulu nor the deer would like to miss their daily reunion.

Lulu the cat and the deer. Source: The Dodo

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They communicate silently, but seem to have become true friends. The cat's family has even decided to give the deer an affectionate nickname – Dolly. Jennifer is always amazed at how confident the kitty is with the deer.

Lulu the cat and the deer. Source: The Dodo

"Lulu was a bit hesitant the first time Dolly came up so close. But, now, it doesn't faze her one bit. She has even fallen asleep on the perch while Dolly is at the window," she said.

Lulu the cat and the deer. Source: The Dodo

Now Lulu is looking for a loving family who will keep her forever, but as Jennifer likes to say, having some deer neighbors would be a real advantage!

Source: The Dodo

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