Loyal golden retriever named Ping An walked 100 miles to get to her owner, after she had been placed with a foster family.

Recently, a man from eastern China's Qidong, China, has asked his friend to take in his one-year-old golden retriever for the time he was doing a major home renovation. However, Ping An, which means "safe and sound," was not happy about this decision.

Ping An. Source: ladbible.com

The man drove Ping An to Nantong, situated in 100 miles from Qidong, and asked his friend to look after his doggie until the renovations were over.

The golden retriever waited faithfully for four months, and then decided to act on her own. She ran away from her foster family and headed home, not worrying about the distance. Within two weeks, Ping An made it to her native Qidong, but got lost there. Luckily, the doggie caught the attention of workers outside an office building.

Ping An hopes to see her owner. Source: ladbible.com

According to them, Ping An looked "pretty depressed after not being able to find her owners. She was lying on the road exhausted, with her head down and her paws bleeding." The workers posted the pictures of the dog on social media, where her owner spotted them several days later. During this time, Ping An lived with the workers, who took care of her.

Still hoping for miracle. Source: ladbible.com

A day later, the pet was reunited with her owner. Social media users, concerned about Ping An's fate, were thrilled when they saw the video of the dog meeting his owner.

Touched by their pet's loyalty, the family said that they would never leave the dog alone again.

Long-awaited reunion. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Ping Anh, you've been through a lot. From now on, just stay home. We would never let you go."

Source: ladbible.com

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