Mitzi Brogdon from Oklahoma has recently spotted a stray dog in a parking lot. The dog later named Dolly was friendly and sweet, and immediately allowed to be petted and was in general extremely affectionate. Then the dog asked Brogdon to follow her...

Beautiful Dolly the dog. Source: Mitzi Brogdon

Dolly led the woman away, as if wanting to show her something. And so it happened. The pooch led Brogdon to her hiding place under a fallen tree, where was her most precious possession – her little puppies.

Dolly's hiding place. Source: Mitzi Brogdon

When Mitzi saw the puppies, she couldn't believe her eyes. She counted 16 puppies!

"We have a lot of stray dogs in the state. But that many at one time is just unbelievable," Brogdon said. She immediately reported the large family to a local humane society.

The large family. Source: Mitzi Brogdon

Rescuers identified that the 16 puppies were from three different litters. It turns out the dog has simply taken care of orphaned babies, feeding and protecting them the entire time they were growing up.

So many pups. Source: Mitzi Brogdon

However, the rescuers faced another problem – where to place the 17 dogs when most shelters were full?

Dolly and her huge litter. Source: Mitzi Brogdon

Volunteers wrote posts about the adorable family on social media and asked for help from other shelters. As a result, the babies and their mother Dolly were placed in four shelters. Many of the puppies were immediately taken into foster families and when the babies are old enough, they will move to their forever homes.

Dolly's pups. Source: Mitzi Brogdon

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As for the hero mom, volunteers are already looking for loving owners for Dolly. In the shelter everybody has fallen in love with this adorable dog and is sure that she will find the best possible home very soon.

Dolly is looking for a forever home. Source: Mitzi Brogdon

Thank you, kind people, for rescuing this beauty!

Source: petpop

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