Now Teddy the Yorkshire Terrier is a true social media star, but things could have been very different. The tiny 3-month-old puppy was taken from a kennel and given as a birthday present to a little boy. They were to grow up together and become best friends.

Teddy the Yorkshire Terrier.Source: social media screenshot

But at Teddy's first check-up at the vet, it turned out that the puppy was suffering from an umbilical hernia and needed an expensive surgery. The family couldn't afford such expenses, although they were very attached to Teddy. That's when the boy and his mother decided to find the yorkie new owners.

Teddy the Yorkshire Terrier. Source: social media screenshot

That's when Adriana, 20, a student from Bratislava, Slovakia, stepped in. Two weeks later Teddy was operated on. Although he no longer had this condition after the surgery, he still needed rehabilitation. Even now that Teddy is a grown-up dog, he needs a special diet. The terrier can only eat home-cooked food – no dry food, no chicken or turkey are allowed because he is allergic to them.

Teddy the Yorkshire Terrier. Source: social media screenshot

But how has an ordinary dog become a social media star with thousands of followers? It's all about Teddy's amazing hair.

Teddy the Yorkshire Terrier. Source: social media screenshot

Back when he was a puppy, Adriana noticed that his hair kept its shape after brushing it. And there's no need for hairspray or mousse, especially since you can't use human makeup on dogs – keep that in mind! One nifty move and the Yorkshire Terrier is transformed into the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley.

Teddy the Yorkshire Terrier. Source: social media screenshot

Adriana started taking photos of her pet first for fun and then started Teddy's own social media account. Adriana loves dressing Teddy up, including bow ties, sparkly sweatshirts, and even sunglasses. In fact, Teddy just loves to model: he always looks at the camera and can pose or hours. On command, Teddy turns and tilts his head or gives a sweet dog smile.

Teddy the Yorkshire Terrier. Source: social media screenshot

After the first photo shoots Teddy got numerous marketing offers and pet clothing from pet brands all over the world. He was sent smart collars, suits, and shoes. One even might be jealous of Teddy's closet.

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Teddy the Yorkshire Terrier. Source: social media screenshot

Teddy has his own closet, with all his sweaters and sweatshirts hanging on tiny hangers on one side, which is incredibly cute, and colorful collars on the other. There are also glasses and even an almost real crown on the shelf. The dog never goes out for a walk undressed, even in the burning heat. For this case he has a separate collection of neckerchiefs.

Teddy the Yorkshire Terrier. Source: social media screenshot

And here's the secret to Teddy's luxurious style. His hair is washed only once a month to avoid drying out his coat and depriving it of its natural grease. After being washed, Teddy's owner rubs coconut oil into his coat. Before any photo shoot, his hair is sprayed with fresh water and brushed. Done, Teddy is gorgeous!

Do you like Teddy's style?

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