Although Poppet's owners did their best to make her feel comfortable, but it still wasn't enough. Fortunately, a little sister changed everything for the Dalmatian.

Poppet and her little sister Poppy. Source: Instagram screenshot

Kaylee and David Hughes are Poppet's owners. When the dog was only 6 weeks old, they discovered that she was deaf. From then on, they did everything they could to make sure her disability did not prevent her from being happy. But the Dalmatian was still very insecure, and had had no confidence in herself until she met her incredible little sister.

Before metting her little sister Poppet was very insecure. Source: Instagram screenshot

Poppet was able to learn sign language

From an early age, Poppet learned sign language and could understand her humans. However, she always remained calm and cautious, and her owners thought it was just a character trait.

Three years later, they adopted a new Dalmatian, whom they named Poppy. It was then that Poppet's behavior changed dramatically. She realized that her new little sister was able to perceive things that she herself did not.

"We don't know if Poppet knows she's deaf, but she knows that Poppy can sense things that she can't," Kaylee said.

Poppet relies on her sister and that enables her to do many things

Poppet quickly realized that she could trust and rely on her little sister. She started to imitate her, and do everything like her.

Just take a look at this pair! Source: Instagram screenshot

"Poppet uses Poppy for everything, if Poppy barks, she will bark, if Poppy runs off on a walk, she will follow, she’ll always look to Poppy to see what’s she is doing and copy her."

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Sweet doggies. Source: Instagram screenshot

Thanks to her little sister, Poppet can do things she didn't do before. For example, she can walk away from her owners on walks, and relies on her sister when she hears it's time to return. Previously, the dog would never have dared to wander off and lose sight of her owner.

"She even loves going and running in the river now, which is something that used to scare her quite a bit."

Now the family has found a balance that allows each member of the family to fully realize their true potential and be happy.


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