A dog named Oscar from Argentina had run away from home and his location remained unknown for two months. Oscar's family especially the kids were heartbroken over the dog's disappearance, but they didn't want to think about the worst and kept searching for their pet.

Fortunately, they’ve been lucky. Oscar has been found by volunteers from Los Hermanos Paticorti, who managed to contact he dog's owners and return the missing pooch to his family. This is what the long-awaited reunion between the children and the pet looked like.

"We delivered him today. And the emotion is so great," the volunteers said. According to them, the kids' shock quickly gave way to tears of joy and relief, because their beloved dog, which they had missed so much these two months, finally came home.

The kids are so happy. Source: Instagram

Does your pet get along with your kids?

Source: The Dodo

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