In Kern County, California, a group of six puppies were roaming deserted streets, hoping someone would notice them. There was not a living soul nearby, and the only sounds were the stomping of dogs' paws on the road.

Some locals spotted the stray puppies and reported them to R.A.D. Rescue, a rescue group that's part of Bakersfield Strays. Volunteer Yesenia Giles and her partner immediately set out to help the babies.

"When I saw the puppies darting down the road, my heart sank with fear," Giles said. "I was terrified that they might get hit by a car or become prey for a coyote. But I also felt an overwhelming urge to help them and give them a fighting chance."

The little ones were running near Giles' car, but would not let rescuers near them. It cost the volunteers great effort to catch all the dogs and bring them to safety. Soon all the animals were at the shelter where they were given a filling meal for the first time in a long time.

The rescuers were thrilled to see how well the pups adjusted to life at the shelter and how quickly they started to trust people. Soon each puppy found a loving forever home.

The rescued pups. Source: Bakersfield Strays

Do you help stray animals?

Source: The Dodo

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