Recently, Joe Corrigan, the owner of a small fish shop, has spotted a stray cat. The tabby was carrying a withered leaf in her teeth. At first the man thought it was cute, so he gave her a small fish, but then the cat started coming in every day.

The cat. Source: Twitter

The man realized that the smart cat wanted to buy a fish. Apparently, the animal was watching the actions of visitors to the fish shop and saw people hand the seller "pieces of paper" and get food in return.

The cat might have thought that she needed to act the same way and now comes to Joe with leaves. Corrigan posted the cat's story on Twitter. He said that the furry "customer" has been bringing in "money" every day for quite a long time.

Cat brings leaves to a fish shop owner to get fish. Source: Twitter

"What do I have to do? Of course, I give her fish. I hope there will be no other stray customers," the shop owner explained on Twitter.

In the comments, people started sharing similar stories of how their pets also take tree leaves for money. One owner took a picture of his pet putting leaves on a plate and waiting for a treat.

Many pets bring people leaves in order to get something from them in return. Source: Twitter

What unusual habits do your pets have?

Source: pets.mail

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